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ScratchEd Meetups are Spreading

Scratch Educator meetups are participatory professional learning experiences for teachers who want to learn more about teaching with Scratch.

There are three parts to meetups:

Meetups are currently happening on a monthly or bi-monthly basis in Cambridge, MA (thanks to Ingrid Gustafson, Janet Dee, and Rosemary Slattery), Lexington, KY (thanks to Leanna Prater), and Southern Maryland (thanks to Dianne O’Grady Cunnif). In all of these places, the organizers used the Scratch Educator Meetup Guide and insight about local Scratch teachers to design and host meetups.

In addition to these three cities, we’ve heard from people all over the U.S. who want to join meetups in their communities so, in an effort to help spread the model, our team at the Harvard GSE is hosting meetups in four cities this spring: New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, and Chicago!

If you or a friend live in any of these cities, check out the Eventbrites below to learn more and to register: