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Scratch@MIT 2012: Create your world

We are pleased to announce the dates for the next Scratch conference: July 26-28, with a pre-conference events day on July 25.

The conference website will be launched in early November, but until then, here are a few key dates:

  • December 21: Call for proposals, proposal submission opens
  • February 1: Proposals deadline
  • March 15: Submission notifications sent
  • April 1: Early registration opens
  • April 15: Program announced
  • May 15: Early registration ends
  • July 25: Pre-conference events
  • July 26-28: Conference

We hope that you will be able to join us for this special event.

In the meantime, watch the keynotes and explore media from the last conference, which took place in August 2010.

Keynote with Mitch Resnick, Amon Millner, Andres Monroy-Hernandez, Karen Brennan



Keynote with Sherry Turkle, Henry Jenkins, Marina Bers



Keynote with Ingrid Gustafson, Marie Hopkinson, Carol Alcusky, Lillian Senna, Luke Sciarappa, Bianca Homberg, Karen Brennan

Harry Roxberry

Two remarks:


1: Is there anywhere I can sign up to receive more information about the 2012 conference?

2: Starting next week I will be teaching Scratch to mid-elemenary students. I am prepared and ready for this. I feel this will be a challenge; one I am able to meet. If anyone has any ideas or pointers, I will certainly appreciate it.

Keith Braafladt

 Yay! I'm in the midst of introducing Scratch in an art college in St. Paul, MN. This is great news to share!

Christopher Neeskens Flores Artieda

It is incredible, and exciting at the same time, Scratch Conference 2012 is only one year ahead. Thank you MIT, Longlife Kindergarten, ScratchEd Team for Scratch, it is a wonderful educational tool. And most of all, Scratch Conference is an important meeting for all of us as teachers that use Scratch.