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Scratch@MIT: Keynotes of the Past, On Schools & Scratch

Videos of the Scratch@MIT 2018 keynote speakers will soon be available on the MIT Scratch Team Youtube channel! In the spirit of amazing keynotes, ALSO check out these awesome school-related keynotes from 2010 and 2016!

Scratch@MIT 2010 Keynote: Remixing School, Remixing Teaching
Three students and three educators share about their experiences with Scratch, both in and after school. What have they been doing with Scratch in their classrooms, how do they make meaning of these experiences, and what they want to do next, are among the reflections they explore.

Featuring educators Ingrid Gustafson, Marie Hopkinson, and Carol Alcusky. Moderated by Karen Brennan. 

Scratch@MIT 2016: Creative Computing For All
What do you think about when you think about "all?"— Educators and district technology leaders reflect on ways to design creative computing learning experiences that are meaningful for people of all backgrounds and abilities. 

Featuring Educators Meryl Alper, Nick Giacobbe, and Rhianon Gutierrez. Moderated by Karen Brennan.