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Scratch@MIT: Keynotes of the Past

Were you able to make it to the 2018 Scratch Conference at MIT? Good news! Whether you were able to attend or not, the MIT Scratch Team will be releasing videos of the 2018 keynote speakers on the MIT Scratch Team Youtube channel later this month! Re-experience the magic of the speakers, or engage with them for the first time.

As we gear up for the videos to be released, take a dive into the Scratch@MIT Keynotes past with these presentations from 2008 onward. How have things changed? How has the community grown? Let's find out!

Scratch@MIT 2008 Keynote: Scratch Conference Opening Keynote
Mitch Resnick introduces the theory of creative learning that underlies the Scratch Programing language, exploring the ways in which Scratch serves to encourage connection, play, reflection, and more between learners. Also, see a panel of the young Scratchers of 2008 reflect on their practice with members of the MIT Media Lab!

Scratch@MIT 2010 Keynote: Reimagining Scratch, Reimagining Learning
Members of the MIT Scratch Team open the 2010 conference, reflecting on their experiences of Scratch's first three years, and sharing their projections for the future of the programing language. 

Scratch@MIT 2014 Keynote: Making, Coding, Writing
Mitch Resnick interviews Elyse Eidman-Aadahl of the National Writing Project and Dale Dougherty of Maker Media and the Maker Education Initiative. Together, they explore making, coding, and writing as fundamentally connected modes of creating meaning and sharing it with the world.

Scratch@MIT 2016 Keynote: Pathways to Participation
Ricarose Roque interviews cultural anthropologist Mimi Ito, of the Connected Learning Research Network and Nichole Pinkard, Associate Professor in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University, and co-founder of the Digital Youth Network. Together, they explore questions of equity, access, and pathways to participation in the Scratch online community and beyond.  

Stay tuned for the 2018 Scratch@MIT keynotes!