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Sharing with Scratch: Episode 4 - Checking in with a Neighbor

What does it mean to share with Scratch?

Sharing with Scratch is a video webseries designed for Scratch Educators to encourage thought and conversation around the ways in which Scratch can promote cooperation and collaboration in the classroom. Brought to you by ScratchEd interns, Aaron Morris and Vanessa Gennarelli, each video episode will introduce a new strategy for helping you facilitate sharing in your classroom, including: brainstorming, remixing, checking in with a neighbor, publishing online, giving and receiving feedback, and group work. Join our cast of characters (both live action and animated in Scratch) as we present the benefits and tackle the challenges of Sharing with Scratch

Each Sharing with Scratch episode is meant to serve as a conversation starter. We invite you to check out an episode and then share you experiences and thoughts in the comments below. We look forward to learning from you and your experiences. Thanks for sharing!




  • Neighbors add a diversity of viewpoints
  • They offer a fresh set of eyes and can help us discover new ideas
  • Checking in with neighbors helps to establish a community of learning


  • Checking in with neighbors be distracting for both the classroom and student
  • Students don't know how to give useful feedback
  • Students are afraid or uninterested in sharing their work


  • Establish check-in expectations at the start of class
  • Provide students with feedback strategies. (for example; having them ask 2 questions about their own project and 2 questions they have about their neighbors project)
  • Think about projects in stages and drafts to reduce any anxiety around sharing unfinished work


What are you experiences with having students check-in with each other during class?

What strategies work for you? Contribute to the conversation below!