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Teaching / Learning with Scratch in Catalonia (Spain)

Some months ago, people from the Education Department in Catalonia came to our school (Escola Projecte, Barcelona) to record one sessions of our workshop and interviewed students, teachers and parents (parents come at the end of the workshop and their sons/daughters teach them how to make a videogame).

In our region, Catalonia, we speak Catalan and Spanish. The videos are in Catalan and I hope I can subtitle them soon.


Our workshop consists in 16 sessions where students learn little by little how to make a videogame. At the end of the workshop the upload their own games to the net. In each of the 16 sessions, there is an initial game to finish (for example, one day they have to program only one character and the rest of the game is pre-programed by the teacher).  My students are in grade 4 (10 y.o. students)


In the session you'll see in the video, students had to program everything, I only deseiged the scenario. Scratch has to take a key and open a chest avoiding a moving wall. Students have to program the cat so it can be moved with the keyboard arrows, program and duplicate the wall, make a timer and an energy counter and allow the chest to open ONLY if the cat has got the key (that was the new point on the session: learning how to use variables to control different sprites).

There is a lot of interaction of our students during the session and the ones that find a good solution show the to the rest of the group. At the end of the session they can continue with the session game or make a new one or continue the one they started the previous day.



You can find the other 3 videos (the interviews) in then search "scratch". I'm sorry there are no subtitles. If you're interested in having more information of our experience, let me know! Keep scratching! Frank


Karen: good night. My name is Damian Giacone. i'm from Argentina. i'm new in this site, but for several months i'have read about scratch. I'm IT system ingenier and i'm thinking about develop a scratch course in my son school . But i need some help with the course plan.


Karen Brennan

Hi Damian,

I'd recommend checking out the Resources section of ScratchEd -- several people have already share course plans that might be useful. Asking questions about your course plan as it gets developed in the Discussions section of ScratchEd might also help.




Karen Brennan

This is great -- thank you so much for sharing. It's wonderful to have documentation, and I particularly love that there are video interviews with the students, parents, and teachers. (I look forward to the subtitles! :))

What types of challenges did you face during the process?