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How make translated documents or cards ?

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Shinsuke Masuda

Although there are many books and cards to learn Scratch, almost of it are written by English. 
I have found some posted resource ( like this ) which was translated to other language.

So, in a similar way, I want to make translated documents and cards by Japanese.

How did they make translated documents ( or cards) ?
I can get editable documents (like .pptx or .docx ?)  in somewhere on this site? Or it was made by editing pdf file directly ?

If there are resource or guidline for making translated document and card, please tell me it.

thank you.
Tetsushiro Oyama
Hi Shinsuke,

Activity cards and educator guide are already translated, 

Go to, then swich language to Japanese.

Also, Scratch coding card(Japanese version) is published from Nikkei BP.

When do you want to translate other documents, I can assist you.


Alexa Kutler
Hi Shinsuke!
Which particular artifact are you looking to translate? You can download the Creative Computing Curriculum Guide here, as a PDF or editable Powerpoint.

Let me know your thoughts!