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EduScratch - an educators community in portuguese language

After walking around spreading Scratch seeds in a some solitary way... our Ministry of Education - ERTE/PTE - DGIDC - and CCTIC - ESE/IPS from  Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal (an University institution) understood the importance of Scratch as an educational tool with an amazing potential. So... now, I, Teresa, became formally kinda "Scratch woman" travelling around Portugal with the coordinator of the project EduScratch (Miguel Figueiredo) sharing resources, stories, experiences that may help other teachers start working with Scratch at School...

Workshops, conferences, support to Schools... we try our best to spread the word!

A very hard and amazing mission that gave EduScratch educators portal - more than 9000 visits since March.


All started with Michel Resnick at Portugal... see on video!





Scratch na Escola - Webinar ERTE DGIDC



Marcelo Stavale Molina

Very Nice! I hope we can work together someday. We´re from Brazil!

Teresa Marques

Temos vários educadores do Brasil registados no nosso site EduScratch que dialogam conosco! É sempre um prazer trocar ideias e partilhas com os nossos irmãos de além-Atlântico! :)



Teresa Marques

Thank you so much for your interest, Michelle!

Give my regards to Mitch, Karen and Andrés! Miss them!


I will keep you posted with our action in field... :)

Hugzzzzz from Portugal


Michelle Choi

Hi Teresa,

This is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I look forward to hearing more.