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Got Art?

Use Scratch to make awesome abstract art!
  • Using Scratch to make art projects offers a new and exciting way to experiment with computational concepts and skills!
  • The following five “projects” help the artist create simple abstract works while exploring Scratch. 
Joek van Montfort

 I like this!


Would you mind if we translate your instruction sheets for use with our event on World Scratch Day?


joek AT scratchweb DOT nl


Jane Long


not at all, go for it!

let me know how it goes!


Jane Long


thank you for the feedback!

the projects were created to teach college art students how to begin incorporating Scratch/programming into their work, but i have yet to actually test them out.  i think most of the projects except for make a pollock are simple enough for most age groups.


Ingrid Gustafson

Hi Jane,


These are fantastic resources! I teach art and technology classes to first and second grade students, and we have been playing around with these ideas. I love the PDF documents you included. We've been using the included "Kalidescope" example project and having the students change the costume to be their own original drawing. What age group do you do these with?


Thanks for sharing,