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Scratch Cards in Arabic - Hide and Seek Cards (بطاقات سكراتش باللغة العربية - بطاقات لعبة الاختباء)

Are you interested in teaching coding to Arabic speaking kids? If yes, then you should look at these cards. هل انت مهتم بتعليم الأطفال البرمجة؟ اذا يجب ان تطلع على هذه البطاقات
We at Nile Cloud Ltd, a very small IT consultancy firm based in the UK, are passionate about paying back to the Arabic speaking community across the entire world. That's why we decided to exert the time, effort and a bit of money, to help offer coding resources to any one who share with us the vision of improving coding skills of kids across the entire Arab world.

We intentionally left the English User Interface because we strongly believe that it is in the best interest of Arabic speaking kids to get used to English coding commands from a young age. We believe this should help them going forward when exploring new coding languages and topics. 

You will find attached the following:
  • Scratch Cards (pdf)
  • Scratch Cards Source File (Powerpoint)
  • Scratch Education Guide (pdf)
  • Scratch Education Guide (Powerpoint)

Feel free to change the source files if you wish.

Hope you enjoy these resources.

Best regards from the entire team at Nile Cloud Ltd.