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Do Nows for beginning Scratch instruction

A collection of "Do Now" activities that I use to start class to highlight how certain tools can be used in Scratch. (NOT in order of difficulty, FYI)

Scratch Do Now 1: Reviews or introduces the function of some basic control and looks blocks.

Scratch Do Now 2: How a switch works.

Scratch Do Now 3: Really simple motion & looks scripts.

Scratch Do Now 4: Ask/answer, if-else.

Scratch Do Now 5: Broadcast/receive, repeat until, touching, motion, bounce on edge, etc.

Scratch Do Now 6: Costume change, when ___ clicked, movement in x, y, broadcast/receive.

Scratch Do Now 7: Variables

Scratch Do Now 8: More Variables Practice (uses a program written by two of my students in response to the variables activity posted elsewhere... see program below)

Scratch Do Now 9: Coming soon.

Scratch Do Now 10: Interaction between sprites, broadcast/receive.

Scratch Do Now 11: Sound.


Please let me know what you think! :)

Melanie Dennig
 Thank you!
Susan Ettenheim
 Kelly - These are great! Thanks for sharing. I have an avatar lesson I use in digital photography that I will share here too! I'm going to use some of these this week - thanks again!

Ann Moyle
 Wow, Kelly - this is a huge help!  Thank you.
Dana Woods

 Awesome! I reformatted these for Google Forms.


Check it out:

Live form

Rita Ester

 Thanks for posting these activities. I will use #5 or #6 to introduce broadcast and receive blocks.

Kelly Vaughan

Glad to know they are of use beyond just my classroom!  Let me know how it goes...